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7 Must-Have business tools

Are you using the best tools for your business? Or are you struggling to find your rhythm in a sea of free apps and subscriptions you don't know that much about? My rule of thumb is to test something out for 3 months and if it doesn't make my life/biz better I get rid of it. Whether you're starting out (or you're on year 5) it's always helpful to take a peek into what business tools other people are using everyday...

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6 Ways Dubsado makes managing client easy (+ Dubsado promo code!)

After being in business for a few years now, it’s shocking that it took this long to start using a client management system. Maybe you’ve seen the acronym CMS and skimmed over them without much of a thought. If you’re struggling to keep up with all the emails, scheduling, contracts, invoicing, questionnaires, plus individual project work… it’s time you start thinking about using a client management tool...

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