Grow your business, on your terms.

elevate into 5-figure months on repeat…

…all while experiencing the freedom you crave.

Sound good?

Then you’re in the right place.

No matter where you are in business…

…just starting out…

…side hustling…

…doing the damn thing for 2+ years…

Having a business that brings in rollercoaster sales, sucks.

I know.

I’ve been there.

It’s a normal part of building a business.

And it’s not a YOU problem.

It’s a business foundations issue…

And that, babe, is 100% fixable.


Going From hot mess to hell ye$

Symptoms of being on the Hot Mess Express include:

✖️Your business isn’t growing.

✖️You’re selling #allthethings but you’re not seeing #allthemoney come into your pocket.

✖️You want to make changes to your business but for some reason you feel like you can’t.

✖️Sales feel more like luck than something you can plan for.

✖️You try to make everyone else happy at your own expense… and then beat yourself up about it.


For the first few - y e a r s - of my business, that was my normal.

After developing what you’ll learn inside of Intuitive Business Bootcamp…

My now normal is easy breezy cash money and soulmate clients.

And it’s not just my normal, it’s my students’ too.



Shave y e a r s off of your sh!tty start-up phase

Breaking even will break your business

50% of businesses fail within five years

96% fail within 10 years


I love a good story of beating the odds, don’t you?

I want you to make money, experience unlimited freedom, and change lives.

Including your own.

That’s why I created Intuitive Business Bootcamp for you.

When you impact your client’s life you literally change the world.

No matter what service you provide them.

It has a ripple effect.

the universe wants you to be a success.

Which is why you’re seeing what isn’t working…

So that you can change it.


you’re a dreamer

And dreams are easier to bring to life when…

…you’re serving high-ticket clients

…you’re being paid for the transformations you’re guiding them through

…they’re raving about you

…you’re known for what you do

…you’re booked out

You’re a Conscious Entrepreneur

Which means you thrive when you have room to…



show up

..for your clients fully.

All of which needs a strong foundation to do…

So you aren’t distracted by little details


tasks floating around in the back of your mind.

When you have simple systems in place that truly serve you and your clients…

you’ll elevate into a higher level of leadership + service.

(and your clients will feel so loved and taken care of!)

You’re an intuitive

Which means that you frequently get incredible ideas and ah-ha moments.

Which is easy to act on when your business is…




You’re here to lead the way

Not only for your clients - but also for your friends, family, and people you surround yourself with.


Who is this program for?

Whether you want to take your side hustle full time, transition your business into more ease and flow, or guide your business into its next stage confidently, the Intuitive Business Bootcamp will help you:

  • Connect with your intuition
  • Clear limiting beliefs
  • Get aligned AF
  • Create a profitable biz foundation
  • Craft your perfect offers
  • Sell w/o the ick factor
  • Expand your impact, influence, & income
  • Demystify content marketing

Plus! You'll do all of this while tapping into your highest self, the version of you who knows you can do ANYTHING and is there to help you do it.


“i went from barely booked to booked out!”

I knew I needed strategy help but I didn’t think that learning how to better my mindset and getting into alignment with my true self would have such a direct impact on my business success.

I can’t rave enough about IBB. I’m the most confident I’ve ever been - especially in my business. I’ve upped my prices, I’m signing dream clients, I’m investing in my business and treating myself.

I went from being hardly booked to being booked out through the rest of the year… and I’m hiring for my business now!

Shané, Social Media Strategist


“Within 2 weeks I booked 2 clients. After 4 months, I took my business full time.

The clarity you gain from watching Liz's videos, in the Q&As, and especially doing the written worksheets is invaluable.

In 4 months, I quit my 9-5 and went full-time in my business.

I’m working with absolute dream clients, am constantly getting referrals, and was just flown across the country to direct a client project in person!

Natalie, Designer


“This Helped me make changes now.”

I love Liz's signature no-bullshit approach to online business with straightforward strategy and just the right amount of woo.

I feel like I've been given permission to do what feels right in my core, along with the tools that I need to get it done right.

Alysha, Content Designer, Basil and Bark


“I had my first $7,000 month!”

Before Intuitive Business Bootcamp, I felt like things were really chaotic. Everything would change depending on the client, I wouldn’t put boundaries in place, and it caused a lot of issues with my process.

I wasn't expecting to re-vamp my actual client process and niche down even further, but after following the strategies in IBB I'm glad that I did.

Now my weeks have been smoother, I’m more productive, and I can create a schedule that allows me to live my life.

Plus, I broke through my $5k plateau and had my first $7k month!

Julie, Designer for Health and Wellness Pros

Liz White 2019.JPG

If we haven't met yet, I'm Liz.


I’m a certified Master Success Coach and Master NLP, EFT, TIME Techniques, and Hypnotherapy Practitioner.

I blend the spiritual with the practical, mindset work with strategic action taking, and love bringing the esoteric mainstream.

Since 2012, I’ve spent years helping hundreds of women entrepreneurs… this isn't my first rodeo and you’re in good hands.

I help leaders like you bridge the gap between who + where you are to who + where you want to be.

Intuitive Business Bootcamp is my most strategic, action taking program… rooted in the mindset work that will solidify your confidence.

When you follow this program, take consistent action, and dedicate yourself to your success… you will increase your income and impact dramatically.


You were born with a unique life path

Your curiosities led you to where you are now.

You have intuitive & natural gifts

Strengthened by experience, dedication, and grit…

Making you the perfect person to be serving your clients


helping them with their specific problems.

Business is about taking your magic and blending it with strategies and systems to create ease for yourself, your clients, and your bank account.

An empowered mindset is a catalyst for all that you desire.


Intuitive Business Bootcamp goes deeper than just service structure.

It’s all about…

  • Trusting your intuition over comparison

  • Aligning with your strengths

  • Stepping into your power instead of your fears

  • Shining a spotlight on yourself and your business instead of hiding in the shadows of doubt

  • Transforming your mindset and making things e-a-s-y

  • Cultivating confidence and intention

  • Turning complex strategies into simple systems


This program takes the guesswork out of running an intuitive and profitable business so you can focus on what matters…

bringing your unique gifts to the people who need them.



Get instant access.

No waiting week by week for content to release on a timer.

Access from anywhere.
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Bootcamp Breakdown


She said what??

“The first module alone is worth the price of the entire course. It changed EVERYTHING for me.”

Kinzie, Brand Coach

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