Prices listed include accommodations, meals, and activities associated with the retreat. No hidden fees!

Ranch double Room

"The Slumber Party" Ranch Quad in the Ranch House has two queen beds. Private Ensuite bath with walk-in shower, double sink, and slipper tub.


The Coop

The Coop has the best views in the house. It is a standalone building and formerly the ranch's chicken coop (thus the name). Shared bath located in the Ranch House.


ranch Single

The Ranch Single is the most central of rooms, located in the Ranch House. One queen bed. Bath is the shared bathroom of the Ranch House.


The Haven Room

"The most traditional" The Haven Room is the only bedroom of the Haven House. It feels like a master bedroom. Bath is located adjacent and is shared with the Cocoon.


the cocoon

"The most exotic" The Cocoon is a standalone bedroom. It has amazing valley views. This is the spot to watch for falling stars at night. Bath is located in the Haven House and shared with the Haven Room.