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Previously in Joshua Tree


Joshua Tree Retreat

What’s included??


Room + board

Accommodations & All Meals, Beverages + Snacks while on the Property


Series of workshops where you’ll learn…

How to align your chakras to amplify your wealth, impact, and freedom.

This follows my signature approach on intuitively blending the magical + practical…

This training will integrate Neuro-Linguistic Programming so you can have…

Increased confidence, motivation, success, instantly let go of negative habits and more.

PLUS you’ll get a private Hypnotherapy session (optional) and learn EFT Tapping to effortlessly handle stress and anxiety.

Biz babes: Yes, this counts as a business expense!

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That's me, Liz.

I'll be leading the entire retreat and taking you through my new program where you’ll learn how to align your chakras to amplify your wealth, impact, and freedom.

The moment I ditched the idea of what my life "had to be" and embraced what I wanted it to be, everything changed.

You'll be learning how to get into perfect alignment with your body, your inner self, and harness that energy for total success on your terms.



Workshops + Activities like these


Integratron Soundbath

You will literally never experience a soundbath anywhere else like the one we'll be attending at the Integratron.


Joshua Tree National Park

Reconnect with earth energy and take a hike with epic photo ops!


New Moon Ceremony

Get your ritual on in a gathering to celebrate the new moon in Aries.


You're craving connection.

Connection to yourself.

Like never before.

Connection to others.

Like never before.

One of the main reasons for this retreat is to bring together a circle of women who are looking for support in new ways.


You feel pulled in a million directions within your personal and professional life.

You’re buying rocks - hello, crystals - not just because they’re cute.

You’re ready to do deep work to reconnect with your soul, your truth, and your purpose.

You’re craving clarity and new understandings.

You’re becoming really interested in things most people consider taboo.

No matter how many conversations you have with your family, friends, significant others... it can feel like they just don't get it.

You're not alone, even if it feels like it right now.

During the retreat you'll be immersed in the magic of being surrounded by new friends, desert healing, and an immediate feeling of open-ness and connection.

You're into #allthingswoo.

Things are about to get witchy.

If you're into talking about chakras, manifestation, energy, law of attraction, crystals, tarot... then you're in the right spot.

You're feeling called.

If something inside of you is saying "I need this” listen to it.

You're being guided.


Here’s what a few of our past retreat attendees had to say…