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Joshua tree, CA • September 21-24



This retreat is an all-inclusive, in-person experience for female identifying business owners ready to rise above the status quo, unleash their Money Making Maven magic, and get back in tune with their highest self.


You’re putting in more hours for your business than you ever imagined, so naturally you’re finding yourself on the edge of burnout… but what does that even mean?!

You feel like something needs to change, but what?!

You may even look at other biz ladies and wonder… Why do THEY get to have all the fun?!


You’re SO ready to make more money.

You're SO ready to make a bigger impact.

You're SO ready to create a life you're obsessed with.

Staying where you are isn’t an option. You want, no, you crave, MORE.

But if all of that means even more work & hustle, you might just go crazy.


Come to the desert to renew & recharge, take part in magical experiences alongside women just like you, and learn exactly how to...


That's me, Liz.

I'll be leading the entire retreat and taking you through my signature process to Unleash Your Money Making Maven Magic.

The moment I ditched the idea of what my business "had to be" and embraced what I wanted it to be, everything changed.

Things got easier.

Money flowed faster.

I started having FUN again.

You'll be learning how to:

Allow yourself to become a Money Making Maven.
Align with your Money Making Maven Magic.
Activate your Money Making Maven life + biz.
Affirm you are a Money Making Maven.


Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 9.35.36 AM.png

That's Amy Kuretsky.

She's a breathwork guru, tarot reader, acupuncture healer, wellness coach, and all around total magical boss babe.

During the retreat, Amy will be joining us to lead us through two wonderfully woo activities...

Mini Tarot sessions & a breathwork circle.

You don't need experience in either, simply come as you are and be open to what these will hold for you.


Integratron Soundbath

You will literally never experience a soundbath anywhere else like the one we'll be attending at the Integratron.


Joshua Tree National Park

Reconnect with earth energy and take a hike with epic photo ops!


fall Equinox + FUll Moon

Get your ritual on in a gathering to celebrate the autumn equinox and full moon in Aries.

And oh yeah, all the perks of staying at a micro resort like swimming, hot-tubbing, swinging, lounging...

It might be September, but it'll feel like summer!


All meals provided on-site. Schedule times subject to change.

Day 1
Sept. 21

5:00 - 7:00pm
Arrive, unpack, and mingle at the Hi Desert Ranch

Dinner on-site

Fireside circle

Day 2
Sept. 22

10:00am - 12:00pm
Workshop with Liz

12:00pm - 5:00pm
Lunch + free time

5:00 - 7:00pm
Mini tarot readings with Amy

Dinner on-site

Group breathwork circle with Amy

Day 3
Sept. 23

10:00am - 12:00pm
Workshop with Liz

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Sound bath at the Integratron, followed by free time

Dinner on-site

Autumn equinox & full moon gathering

Day 4
Sept. 24

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This gorgeous micro resort is located in the town of Yucca Valley, part of the Joshua Tree community.


You've been in business for at least a year.

This retreat is to elevate you into your next level, totally magical, Money Making Maven self.

You've already been working with clients so we'll be building off of the foundation you've created, not starting from scratch.

You're craving connection with women who "get it."

Running a business can be lonely AF. I get it. No matter how many conversations you have with your family, friends, significant others... it can feel like they just don't get it. That's because they don't and that's okay!

The number one reason for this retreat is to connect you with other women who understand the highs and lows of being a business owner.

You're not alone.

You'll also get the added magic of being surrounded by new friends who are interested in the other things you're being drawn to. Which brings me to...

You're into #allthingswoo.

Things are about to get witchy.

If you're into talking about manifestation, energy, law of attraction, crystals, tarot... then you're in the right spot.

The workshops will focus on blending magical (mindset, manifestation, energy) and practical elements as a business owner, and the organized activities will be delightfully woo.

You're feeling called.

If something inside of you is saying "yes yes yes" listen to it. You're being guided.


Prices listed include accommodations, meals, and activities associated with the retreat. No hidden fees!

Ranch double Room

"The Slumber Party" Ranch Quad in the Ranch House has two queen beds. Private Ensuite bath with walk-in shower, double sink, and slipper tub.


The Coop

The Coop has the best views in the house. It is a standalone building and formerly the ranch's chicken coop (thus the name). Shared bath located in the Ranch House.


ranch Single

The Ranch Single is the most central of rooms, located in the Ranch House. One queen bed. Bath is the shared bathroom of the Ranch House.


Ranch House communal house beds

There are two queen size fold out beds in the main Haven house. Your sleeping area is located within feet of the kitchen and hot tub! Bath is located in the Haven House and shared with the Ranch Single & The Coop.


The Haven Room

"The most traditional" The Haven Room is the only bedroom of the Haven House. It feels like a master bedroom. Bath is located adjacent and is shared with the Cocoon.


the cocoon

"The most exotic" The Cocoon is a standalone bedroom. It has amazing valley views. This is the spot to watch for falling stars at night. Bath is located in the Haven House and shared with the Haven Room.


haven house communal house beds

There are two queen size fold out beds in the Haven house. Your sleeping area is located within feet of the kitchen and hot tub! Bath is located in the Haven House and shared with the Haven Room & the Cocoon.



My business is a "side hustle"... can i still come?

Of course! While this retreat's workshops won't cover the basics like starting a business, it will elevate your mindset and show you how to blend practical and magical elements into your business strategy. It will also be the perfect place to surround yourself with new business friends and mentors. Learn from women who have been at the stage of business you're in now, who are at the stage that you want to get to.

How do I get there?

The Ranch is located in the town of Yucca Valley, part of the Joshua Tree community. You'll receive the address once you secure your spot!

Driving distances:
Palm Springs Airport - 45 minutes
Ontario Airport - 90 minutes
San Diego - 2.5 hours
LAX - 2.5 hours

Is Transportation Provided?

No, transportation will not be provided to or from the retreat location. It will be up to you to coordinate your own flights, rental cars, etc.

Note: Don't rely on Uber or Lyft.

There will be a private FB group for retreat attendees so you can coordinate shared driving or rental cars if you wish! 

Are meals provided?

All food and meals will be provided during your entire retreat. Dietary restrictions will be easily accommodated (I'm a gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian so I know the drill)! All food provided on-site will be vegetarian, with a focus on fresh meals and snacks to raise our vibrations.

Can i sponsor a retreat and/or donate swag bag goodies?

Heck yes! Swag bag donations and sponsorship inquiries can be emailed to Please tell me about your business and what you do so we can see if we're a good fit.

Additional Q's?

Please email

By making your deposit, you agree to the retreat agreement.