Believe the hype.

Working with Liz was more like working with a business pal. She’s so helpful and friendly all over social media and it made me feel that she would have my back. I really felt like I could trust her.

I just renamed and rebranded my business, and felt stuck with our new direction. Liz not only helped me work through some struggles I was having with our rebrand, but also helped me realize what I needed to do to move forward.

After working together I was bursting with energy, creativity and inspiration to implement all of her strategies and ideas. It was a wonderful feeling because I was stuck for weeks.

I’d strongly recommend working with her if you are feeling stuck and in need of someone to kick your booty and reignite that same passionate flame you had about your business when you first started.

Liz is excellent at taking rough ideas and sculpting them into an outcome that’ll drive results. I find clarity and feel confident in my business when I work with Liz. She’s always honest, sincere and gives me valuable insight. I highly recommend working with Liz to catapult your business.

Working with Liz is a fantastic way to get new ideas for how to promote your services, get your ideas out of your head, and get a valuable strategy for putting them into place in your business.

I was really struggling with how to structure my services in a way that played to my strengths but also completely aligned with the larger vision I had for my work. I loved that Liz helped me see that my ideas were really smart, and she helped me figure out how I could fit them all together.

The tips Liz gave me for how to revamp my website were fantastic - I was far too close to it and getting an objective take on everything was exactly what I needed.

The reason I chose to work with Liz is because she’s in a place that I want to be in the future. There’s the saying, “Don’t take advice from someone you wouldn’t trade places with.” I would trade places with Liz. I’ve known her since college and have watched her business grow so much, so I knew she would have some awesome, valuable insights .

I really appreciated Liz’s unapologetic perspective that we are in business to make money. Liz is an awesome resource and can offer great insights and clarity. I’ve worked with coaches / consultants before and have been disappointed, but wasn’t this time around and I’m so glad I took another chance.

It was great to have someone outside my business provide a strategy for the best way to present my services to my clients. Plus Liz gave me plenty of tips for design, content and marketing that were very helpful and I am planning on implementing too!

When you’re on the inside of your business (especially if it is just you) it is easy to be unsure about whether or not you are doing the right thing.

It was great to have someone not only affirm what I had already thought, but provide tools and suggestions to move forward.

Before working with Liz I was so overwhelmed with all the ideas I had for my business I had no idea what to do next. Liz listened to all my ideas and helped me evaluate what is priority now and what I should wait to implement. We developed a clear action plan with ideas and resources to help me move forward and start executing. I no longer feel overwhelmed and can clearly execute my strategy to grow my business!

Liz had great insight, helpful prompts, and really listened to what my needs were and tried to solve the problem. My favorite part about our session were the concrete action steps, which at the very least makes me feel like I’m doing something productive.

Investing in coaching has been the best choice I have made for my business thus far! I gained clarity, confidence in my business plan, and alleviated unneeded stress by putting Liz’s suggestions into place.

One of my biggest ah-ha moments was when we restructured my service packages. Liz showed me how much easier it would make my life and how it would benefit my clients as well. I offered my new packages to my clients and they jumped at the opportunity!

I knew that by working with Liz I would get a clear plan of action. Not a ‘try this’ or ‘maybe this’ but a plan I can actually work on to get the results I want. Liz saw ways for me to put my work out there and make my website work better for me where I did not.

If I could tell you one thing, it would be that it’s good to have someone take a look at your business and let you know what you can do to be more effective. It never hurts to have someone show you how to be better.

As a one-woman-business owner, I often feel like I need an associate or partner to bounce ideas off of who is compassionate and kind, but strict and structured. I felt that I finally found this with Liz during our strategy session. I entered the meeting unsure of what issue in my business to tackle first, but then the ideas just started flowing. I left the meeting refreshed and inspired, whereas I had been feeling overwhelmed and exhausted prior. I am so glad I took the time to invest in my mind and myself (and in turn, my business) by scheduling time with Liz.