5 Reasons To Go On A Retreat


Let’s talk retreats! They are so much more incredible than I can imagine.

In person events are something that so many of us are missing out on. It is an opportunity for connection, growth, and transformation.

It is what is missing in the world of online business ownership, especially when we are feeling isolated.

Plus, being able to have a partial vacation count as a business expense is one of the best feelings ever!

  1. Connection.

    Retreats are all about making connections, especially with people who get it. This is the most important part of retreats! It is a place to connect with people from Instagram and business type events, especially because you actually get to know each other. A lot of times working for yourself can feel so isolating, especially if your friends can’t understand it. It is important to cultivate relationships with other who can really relate and grow alongside each other.

  2. Treating yourself.

    You are finally taking time for yourself and it is something that you do not get do on a regular basis. You are doing something new, learning new things with new people, which can be so refreshing. Not only are you are reinvesting in your business, you are also reinvesting in yourself.

  3. Transformation.

    There is something about getting out of your daily routine in a new location that you don’t know, but doing it with a group of others that are all operating at such a high energy because of the excitement and connection. When you are in a group, the energy is higher and at retreats you get to rise up and meet that energy. You get to dig in an expand with other people that you normally you do not get to experience.

  4. New experiences.

    Retreats feel effortless because you don’t have to plan all the parts of it. You are showing up to experience new things for yourself as well as well as working on your business. Plus, sharing these new experiences with others that it is new to as well is just so powerful.

  5. Renewal.

    Retreats leave you feeling inspired, rejuvenated, and with your passion completely renewed. The experience that you get to have and the energy you have picked up is renewed, plus it allows you to come back with new focus to put that back into both your life and your business.

Working and hustling 24/7 might seem like the right choice, until it doesn’t seem like the right choice.

Retreats are just one of the ways to allow you to turn yourself off for a bit. You deserve to treat yourself to a retreat, a conference, or even just a trip with your bestie, I am giving you permission to do that!