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How to get clients on Instagram

Getting clients from instagram is hard, right? Instagram for business doesn't have to be a pain, but it becomes one when what we're doing isn't working for us. 

Using instagram to market your business is incredibly powerful. But if you aren't converting followers into clients, is it actually working for you? If you're stuck getting likes instead of real American dollars, you need to re-think your instagram marketing plan. You have one of those right? No? Well, here's the good news...

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How to combine your selling strategy and core values

What if something aligns with your core values but maybe doesn't immediately bring in real American dollars? Only move forward with something if it works with your overall selling strategy. Essentially, something that doesn't bring in immediate cash flow is only okay if it is a part of your overall marketing sales funnel to turn your audience into buyers. Here's how to check in with yourself...

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