Inspired Action: The Secret to an Easy Business

Inspired Action The Secret to an Easy Business | Liz White | #inspiredaction #moneymakingmaven #creativepreneur #intuitivebusiness | Taking inspired action is the best! It's one of the best ways to make it so that business is easy and action is easy.

Taking inspired action is the best! It's one of the best ways to make it so that business is easy and action is easy.

It's all about going with your gut and really trusting your intuition to lead you and guide you towards the best possible way to do something.

I've been really tapping into my intuition and being able to go in and see, what feels good to me.

Seeing what kind of intuitive hits I can get in order to take this inspired action and be able to implement it into my business has ended up making things a lot easier for me.

Here are the three things I’m doing to take inspired action that produce big results!

  1. Not overthinking things.

    What I'm learning is when I overthink things, I wait too long to do it.

    Have you felt like that before?

    It’s easy for me to put way too much pressure on myself. But having that added pressure adds resistance...  which leads to a lack of progress.

    Making things easier and streamlined allows for a lot of freedom and flow and a lot less resistance.

    The same goes for mindset and not thinking things to death.

  2. Setting actual numbers.

    Once you set actual numbers, you can actually work towards manifesting around that.

    Having an idea of what exactly it is you want allows for the abundant thoughts of reaching that goal.

  3. Listening to your intuition.

    If you are asking yourself, “I wonder if I did something this way...” Try it out!

    That's when there's a lot of room for magic to happen and a lot of room for abundance, money, and whatever you are wanting to come to you because there's a lot less resistance when you're just like, hmm, I wonder if this thing would work. Do it!

    Try the thing and you may be surprised.

It's been really fun to be able to play around and see how much I'm able to sell when it's so easy, especially for me and my perfectionist background.

It goes against everything that I have grown up knowing to be true, thinking that you have to make things perfect before you put it out, which is not true at all.

You don’t have to work really hard for money and the easier you allow things to be in business, the easier it becomes to run your business and to make money in it.