Getting Real with Manifesting: Manifesting 5K in One Day

Getting Real With Manifesting: Manifesting 5K In One Day | Liz White | #manifesting #moneymakingmaven #creativepreneur #intuitivebusiness | It’s easy to think that manifestation is all rainbows and unicorns… but no one talks about what drives them to begin mindset and manifestation work in the first place.

It’s easy to think that manifestation is all rainbows and unicorns… but no one talks about what drives them to begin mindset and manifestation work in the first place.

Today I want to share with you the real story behind how I manifested 5k in one day.

I began my mindset and manifestation journey when I was at a super low point, feeling like everything was a constant struggle-bus.

I was NOT feeling abundant.

I was in a place where I was crying on the floor because I thought I was failing at my business.

I thought I was never going to hit the five figure mark a month.

I thought I was an utter failure because I saw all of these success stories that were directly tied to money (and I didn’t have the same stories).

I wasn’t looking at my successes that had nothing to do with money. I wasn’t focusing on experiences, expertise, time spent really honing my craft. I was only focusing on the lack of money that I was experiencing because I was wanting more than enough, but I was only experiencing just enough.

I was experiencing a lot of the money mindset stories that I'd been telling myself since I was in high school, college, and in my first and last corporate job.

Everything I was uncovering were limiting beliefs.

There were blocks that I was putting in my path towards complete abundance and financial freedom... and I was becoming really sick of it.

It became totally apparent that this was all a story I was telling myself, but I didn't understand how I was going to get out of it. I didn't understand how I was going to ever change this story because I felt so confused.

Something that can be missing or intentionally left out from a lot of manifesting stories, especially having to do with money, is that they often come from a time of deep desperation of just being so sick of repeating these stories and so tired of living in a way that doesn't feel good.

When just feels like a constant struggle and it feels hard and difficult... that is when transformation comes.

That is when you understand that you get to choose differently.

You get to choose a life that doesn't include that story anymore.

You get to go in and reframe this mindset.

You get to go in and change it and that's where the power comes and that's where the transformation happens.

And like I said, I was crying just on the floor, just full sobs, not knowing what was going on, not knowing how I was going to change my life, but being so tired and being so sick of repeating the struggle and feeling like I had no way out.

During this time I was starting to learn about what manifesting was.

I was aware of money mindset and how our beliefs craft the stories that become our lives. I was aware of the power that I held and the power that I really had an order to rewrite that.

But I didn't really know how I was going to do that.

I was just at the beginning, finally understanding what a money block or a limiting belief or whatever you want to call it, was... and beginning to understand that I could change it.

The main transformation came when I was like literally on the floor crying and making the decision that I was just done.

I was done telling myself this shitty story that kept me feeling low, that kept me playing small, that kept me from really embracing my full potential.

I told myself I was done.

I told the universe I am done with this.

I am ready for more.

That's when the change came.

The next day I decided to randomly inquire about this affiliate program that I was a part of and that I had been a part of for over a year. Honestly, I was just wanting to get a year free of the software.

What had happened was I had about $5,000 as a balance that I could cash out.


The day before I had said that I was so done with struggling. I was so ready for change and the next day I just got this inkling, this hint to, to ask about something that I hadn't really been paying attention to for months and months and months.

And I just had all this money waiting for me.

Thinking back to that time and how transformative that was, it was the catalyst for everything that launched me into diving even deeper into mindset, learning more about energy, learning more about money, and learning more about manifestation.

I really dove all in because that one decision to rewrite my story changed things so quickly that I knew it could be even more powerful.

The main thing that I want to bring to light is that manifesting gets to be fun even if it might have started from a place of feeling really low.

It's all about making that intentional choice that things get to be different, knowing that they do get to be different, and being able to create from there.